How Cheating Gets Caught in Online Poker?

While playing online casino games, you may have faced certain fraud cases in different types of games. But, when it comes to the poker games, it is best to be the safest and most secured online casino game. Still, there are certain cheating processes which happen often and true players lose interest in it. When someone cheats, he may ensure his chance of winning, but for other players, that can cause a huge problem. The unfair advantages make the spirit of the game lower and soon, people will lose interest in playing poker online.

There are certain cases where the cheaters have been caught and they are banned from playing further. So, today, you will get to know about the cheating methods in an online poker game and the result if you get caught. Read on to know more-

  1. Multi-Accounting

This is one of the most common methods of cheating in an online poker game. Multi-accounting means having lots of real money account at a single poker room. It is illegal as online poker rooms only allow to have one real money account per player at their site. Actually, the poker sites do this to prevent players to get first deposit bonus frauds which can create problems for the poker site. But, cheaters are everywhere. They often appear with more than one account at the game table and enjoy the advantage of seeing four hole cards instead of two. Also in the tournaments, he enjoys two lives than one. If such cheating ever comes into the limelight, the player is put on banned and his bankroll is also retained.

  • How Multi-Accounting Is Caught?

To prevent multi-accounting, online poker rooms have taken certain important steps. While taking the cash out, each player has to provide their ID. The other poker rooms have special security features that will stop that same ID to register once again for the same tournament. The other players should be careful enough to identify such cheating and report as soon as possible to the poker room.

  1. Ghosting

This means giving advice from one player to another player. In live tournaments, such cheating is strictly prohibited while it is highly difficult to enforce it in online tournaments. Ghosting happens often when a friend sits next to the real player and play the tournament with him. Besides, it is now possible to send real-time picture of the screen through Teamviewer, and also through Skype and get help to play the hands. Here, the coached player is the ‘Ghost’ who gives advice and also reduces the risk of loss of the player. aplikasi poker

Usually, ghosting happens at the last phase of the game when the prize money increases higher than before. It is really difficult to catch this kind of cheating as it can’t be detected if there is any other person, sitting with the real player and advising him to play each hand. Still, if you see a player, winning continuously and earning thousands of dollars, you can doubt that some coach is helping him.

  1. Poker Bots

Finally, this is the advanced way of cheating in an online poker game where poker bots or computer programs play the online game instead of human players. There are several games where the poker bots play and secure the winning. Actually, poker rooms often ignore the interference of poker bots because they won’t have financial interest regarding this. Besides that, the bots also generate rake. But, if poker bots come into the light, people lose interest in playing poker online. To catch the poker bots, the poker rooms have certain types of mechanisms which they don’t publish for obvious reasons.

How to Catch Poker Bots?

  • Though the mechanisms can’t be published, there are certain methods which can help to detect poker bots in the game-
  • Always examine if any program is running in the background
  • Measure the time of reaction of the player
  • Take screenshots
  • Measure the mouse movements

So, today you get to know about cheating methods in online poker games and also how to catch those. Cheaters will be everywhere. What you need to do is to be very cautious while playing online.